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List of Receptions and Open Houses for 2022

Beginning 2022 full of optimism.   Things are still a bit wonky but not as abnormal.  I have had a handful of trunk shows, and few more scheduled, mostly at open air venues. It has been great reconnecting with customers and friends and hope that things just get better and better.  We all share that same hope.  Please be mindful of  all store policies with regard to social distancing and mask wearing.  We all want to enjoy everything the way it was and being respectful of shop owners is a great way to accomplish this. 

Winter/Spring/Summer 2022

Fall and Winter 2022 

Jane's Art Center
New Smyrna Beach Florida
March 6

Wild Child Gallery, Matlacha, Florida
January 15 10-5
January 29 10-5

February 9,  10-5
February 26 10-5

March 12,  10-5

JMclauglin Sanibel Island
March 18 9:30 - 5

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